MIRAI (Milano Responsible AI) takes off!

We are excited to announce that our department is supporting MIRAI (Milano Responsible AI), its first spin-off!

MIRAI is a platform for Responsible AI solutions and is a startup born from the results of the PRIN BRIO research project, funded by the MUR and led by Prof. Giuseppe Primiero. The project investigates the logical, epistemological and ethical issues of AI, with particular emphasis on the risks associated with the generation of bias and the opacity of new technologies.

MIRAI aims to bring the methods and technologies developed in BRIO into the corporate world. With a human-centred approach throughout the development and release phases, MIRAI’s tools are transparent and based on the integration of formal and statistical methods for analysing and verifying the results of advanced AI models.

For details of MIRAI’s processes, products and team, please visit the website.

website: https://mirai.systems/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/milanoresponsibleai/

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