Our Teaching

Our teaching, at all levels, is designed and delivered in continuity with our research, in addition to giving you a unique opportunity to have a multidisciplinary learning experience, reflecting the broad applicability of the knowledge and competences you will acquire through the course. You will be able to take Logical Methods with students from the Quantitative Biology degree, and Probability Logic with students form the Philosophy, Politics and Public Affairs degree. At the undergrad level, you may take our forthcoming Logics for Practical Reasoning and AI, which is designed for third-year students in the newly formed Bachelor in AI.

Undergraduate courses

  • Logica (G. Primiero)
  • Logics for practical reasoning and Artificial intelligence (Juergen Landes, starts in 2023/24)

Postgraduate courses

The following are delivered (in English) as part of the Reasoning Analysis and Modelling curriculum of the Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Filosofiche.

  • Logical Methods (M. D’Agostino, first semester, so please take this before attending the following options)
  • Logic of computation and information (G. Primiero)
  • Advanced Logic (H. Hosni)
  • Probabilistic Logic (H. Hosni)

Detailed information about the course contents can be found here.

We also deliver a regular PhD intensive course on Topics in Logic, Uncertainty and Computation for the PhD degree in The Human Mind and Its Explanations: Language, Brain and Reasoning. The 2024 edition will take place in January and will focus on Reasoning under uncertainty.

Further teaching information and resources

We recommend students who wish to write about logic to learn LaTeX. Here is a template which Paolo Baldi developed for our students. It can be used for a master thesis in logic, and as a short guide to LaTeX. You can also find here and here two short tutorials about it.