Marcello D’Agostino Full Professor of Logic

Logic, Automated Deduction, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Information, Foundations of Economic Theory.

Hykel Hosni Full Professor of Logic

Logical Foundations of Reasoning and Decision-making under Uncertainty.

Juergen Landes Assistant Professor (RTD-a) of Logic

Uncertain inference and in particular, Pure Inductive Logic, the Principle of Maximum Entropy, general Bayesian inference and Bayesian inference in medicine.

Giuseppe Primiero Associate Professor of Logic

Formal Models of Dynamic Rationality for Intelligent Mechanical and Natural Information Systems, Semantics and Proof Theory of Computational Systems, Foundations of Computing.

Post-Doctoral fellows

Paolo Baldi

Uncertain reasoning, Proof-theory and semantics of Nonclassical logics, especially Mathematical Fuzzy Logic.

Esther Corsi

Uncertain reasoning, Many-valued Logics, Logical Argumentation Theory, Game Theory, Theoretical Computer Science.

Ekaterina Kubyshkina

Modal Logic, Epistemology, Epistemic Logic, Many-valued Logics, Logical Methods in AI, Trustworthy and Fair AI.

Costanza Larese

Non-classical logics, Epistemic and Non-monotonic Logics, Theories of Bounded Rationality, History and Philosophy of Logic, History of Mathematics.

PhD Students

Alejandro J. Solares-Rojas

Information-theoretic Approaches to Logic, Semantics and Proof-theory of Non-classical Logics, Non-deterministic and Game Semantics.

Francesco Facciuto

Mathematical Models in Physical, Biological and Social Sciences, Causality and Epistemology of Data Science, Philosophy and History of Science.

Alberto Termine

Probabilistic Model-Checking, Uncertain and Epistemic Reasoning, Logical Methods in Explainable AI, Epistemology of Data Science.

Master Students

Giovanni Buraglio

Dissertation: “Persuasive Communication in Formal Argumentation Theory with Preference Orderings”

Giovanni Duca

Conditionals in probability and logic

Marco Larotonda

Dissertation: “A Depth-Bounded Logic for Becoming Informed”

Riccardo Piccolo

Sofia Pierini

Conditionals in probability and logic

Pietro Pizzorni

Camilla Quaresmini

Dissertation: “Data Quality Dimensions for Fair AI”

Lorenzo Tissoni

Dissertation: “Church-Turing Thesis Formalizations”

Former Members and Visitors

Fabio Aurelio D’Asaro

Uncertain and Epistemic reasoning, Temporal and Probabilistic Logics, Reasoning about Actions and Change.

Pere Pardo

Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Argumentation, Deontic Logic and Planning.

Michal Fait (Jan–Jun 2019)

VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava