Resident staff members

Marcello D’Agostino Professor of Logic

Logic, Automated Deduction, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Information, Foundations of Economic Theory.

Hykel Hosni Professor of Logic

Logical Foundations of Reasoning and Decision-making under Uncertainty.

Giuseppe Primiero Associate Professor of Logic

Formal Models of Dynamic Rationality for Intelligent Mechanical and Natural Information Systems, Semantics and Proof Theory of Computational Systems, Foundations of Computing.

Post-Doctoral fellows

Greta Coraglia

Logical foundations, categorical semantics, mathematical logic, deductive systems, type theory.

Esther Anna Corsi

Uncertain reasoning, Many-valued Logics, Logical Argumentation Theory, Game Theory, Theoretical Computer Science.

Francesco A. Genco

Proof-theory of Non-classical Logics, Computational Interpretations for Constructive and Semi-constructive Logics, Explanatory Reasoning in Logic and Mathematics.

Ekaterina Kubyshkina

Modal Logic, Epistemology, Epistemic Logic, Many-valued Logics, Logical Methods in AI, Trustworthy and Fair AI.

Costanza Larese

Non-classical logics, Epistemic and Non-monotonic Logics, Theories of Bounded Rationality, History and Philosophy of Logic, History of Mathematics.

Soroush Rafiee Rad

Mathematical Logic and its application to Formal Epistemology.

PhD Students

Giovanni Duca

Francesco Ponti

Associated and visiting members

Paolo Baldi – Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at the Department of Human Studies, University of Salento (UNISA)

Uncertain reasoning, Proof-theory and semantics of Nonclassical logics, especially Mathematical Fuzzy Logic.

Fabio Aurelio D’Asaro – Assistant Professor at the E.T.h.O.S. Research Center, University of Verona

Uncertain and Epistemic reasoning, Temporal and Probabilistic Logics, Reasoning about Actions and Change.

Francesco Facciuto

Mathematical Models in Physical, Biological and Social Sciences, Causality and Epistemology of Data Science, Philosophy and History of Science.

Juergen Landes Assistant Professor (RTD-A) of Logic

Uncertain inference and in particular, Pure Inductive Logic, the Principle of Maximum Entropy, general Bayesian inference and Bayesian inference in medicine.

Alejandro J. Solares-Rojas – Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Computer Sciences (FCEN), Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)

Automated reasoning, Logics in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Proof Complexity.

Alberto Termine – Scientific Collaborator in Machine Learning at the Department of Innovative Technologies, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

Probabilistic Model-Checking, Uncertain and Epistemic Reasoning, Logical Methods in Explainable AI, Epistemology of Data Science.

Current Master Students

  • Elena Bastia: Random Boolean Networks and Complex Systems Modeling
  • Alison Bifolco: The Boolean Satisfiability Problem and Function Fitting
  • Tobia Fogarin: Logical foundations of statistical inference
  • Samuele Lothar: AI-driven scientific method
  • Sabina Marchesini Reggiani: BDI Logic and Collective Action
  • Edoardo Menorello: A type-theoretical perspective on trascendental logic
  • Matteo Mercuri: Input/Output logic: a norm-based solution to classical deontic logic problems
  • Pietro Pizzorni
  • Giovanni Sanavio: Probability logic
  • Dylan Scinicariello: Decision making with severe uncertainty
  • Francesca Serio: Logic of Perception
  • Alice Turati: Judgment aggregation

Former members

  • Pere Pardo Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Argumentation, Deontic Logic and Planning – Postdoctoral Researcher at the ICR Group, University of Luxembourg.
  • Michal Fait (Jan–Jun 2019) Visiting from VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava