Welcome to the Logic Uncertainty Computation and Information (LUCI) Lab

At the LUCI Lab we do logic motivated by the goal of modelling reasoning, both human and artificial. We call what we do logics for practical reasoning. The plural is mandatory, since we investigate a number of topics with a number of techniques.  The adjective “practical” bears a double connotation. First, it suggests that the logic we do is applied to problems of reasoning and decision-making. Second, and more ambitiously, it refers to the fact that whenever possible we aim at building logics representing the sort of reasoning which realistic, as opposed to highly idealised, agents are capable of performing.

Our core research topics include 

  • the interplay of information, uncertainty and rationality
  • the interaction among human and artificial agents 
  • the formalisation of epistemic, doxastic and dynamic attitudes
  • the logical foundations of data-intensive and AI-driven reasoning

Our preferred research methods and techniques include

  • Proof Theories
  • Computational Logic
  • Probability Logic
  • Algebraic logic and Many-valued Logics
  • Modal Logics

Current research grants

  • PRIN2022: Simulation of probabilistic systems for the age of the digital twin (SMARTEST) (PI: Giuseppe Primiero)
  • Practical Reasoning for Human-Centred AI, funded by University of Milan through NextGenerationEU Project (Scientific Supervisor: Hykel Hosni)
  • PRIN2020: Bias Risk and Opacity in AI (BRIO) (PI: Giuseppe Primiero)
  • Foundations of Fair and Trustworthy AI, funded by Department of Philosophy, University of Milan (Scientific Supervisors: Giuseppe Primiero, Marcello D’Agostino)
  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie RISE: Modalities in Substructural Logics: Theory, Methods and Applications (MOSAIC) (Local Coordinaton: Hykel Hosni)
  • 2020-2023 Foundations, Applications & Theory of Inductive Logic  (funded through a DFG Scientific Networks Grant)  (PI: Juergen Landes)
  • PRIN2017: Logic and Cognition (Local Coordinator: Marcello D’Agostino)

We are always interested in hearing from talented PhD students and early stage researchers, so if you work in a field of interest to the LUCI Lab and would like to join us write to hykel.hosni@unimi.it

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