Talk by Lourdes del Carmen González Huesca

The next talk of our seminar series will be given by Lourdes del Carmen González Huesca (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) via Teams (please, see details below) on Monday, May 13th, starting from 16:00 CET. Here it is the title and abstract of her talk:

Title: Non-classical Epistemic Axioms for Computer-Aided Verification

Abstract: We have explored the adequacy of IS5 maintaining the idea of knowledge as verification in the light of computer-aided verification processes with the following alternative epistemic reading:

Box A      “there is a certificate of A”

Diamond A  “there is a verification of A”

Adding agents to this logic could include different degrees of knowledge and the proposal could serve as a scenario where elaborated traditional and computer-assisted proofs can be reconciled. 

The transition between both sides or having more degrees of knowledge can explain different epistemic situations.

This is a current work with Favio E. Miranda Perea.

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Anyone who is interested is welcome to join.

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