Talk by Thomas Bolander

The next talk of our seminar series will be given by Thomas Bolander (Technical University of Denmark) via Teams (please, see details below) on Monday, April 8th, starting from 12:30 (Milan time). Here it is the title and abstract of his talk:

Title: From Dynamic Epistemic Logic to Socially Intelligent Robots

Abstract: Dynamic Epistemic Logic (DEL) can be used as a formalism for agents to represent the mental states of other agents: their beliefs and knowledge, and potentially even their plans and goals. Hence, the logic can be used as a formalism to give agents a Theory of Mind allowing them to take the perspective of other agents. In my research, I have combined DEL with techniques from automated planning in order to describe a theory of what I call Epistemic Planning: planning where agents explicitly reason about the mental states of others. One of the recurring themes is implicit coordination: how to successfully achieve joint goals in decentralised multi-agent systems without prior negotiation or coordination. The talk will first motivate the importance of Theory of Mind reasoning to achieve efficient agent interaction and coordination, will then give a brief introduction to epistemic planning based on DEL, address its (computational) complexity, address issues of implicit coordination and, finally, demonstrate applications of epistemic planning in human-robot collaboration.

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