MIRAI (Milano Responsible AI) takes off!

We are excited to announce that our department is supporting MIRAI (Milano Responsible AI), its first spin-off! MIRAI is a platform for Responsible AI solutions and is a startup born from the results of the PRIN BRIO research project, funded by the MUR and led by Prof. Giuseppe Primiero. The project investigates the logical, epistemological […]

Giuseppe Primiero @ KR

Giuseppe Primiero gave an invited talk on ”Trustworthiness Ranking with Uncertain Information” at the Graphical Reasoning with Imperfect Data (GRID) workshop [https://wordpress.com/page/jlandes.wordpress.com/1212] organised by Jürgen Landes, which was held at 20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR2023) [https://kr.org/KR2023/].

Seminar with Stefano Nicoletti (University of Twente)

Hi all, On September 15, in Aula Martinetti, at 2.30 pm we will have a seminar hold by Stefano Nicoletti (University of Twente). Title of the talk: ATM: a Logic for Quantitative Security Properties on Attack Trees Abstract: Critical infrastructure systems — for which high reliability and availability are paramount — must operate securely. Attack trees […]

Seminar with Prof. Franco Raimondi 

Dear all, the LUCI lab is happy to announce that Prof. Franco Raimondi (Middlesex University London) will give a talk on Tuesday 11th July in “Martinetti” room (Dep. of Philosophy, Via Festa del Perdono 7, Cortile Ghiacciaia), starting from 11am. Title: Logic as a tool to build reliable complex and critical systems Abstract: An increasingly […]

Seminar with Melissa Antonelli on March 3rd

We are happy to announce that the third talk of the LUCI group seminar series (https://luci.unimi.it/) will be given by Melissa Antonelli(University of Bologna & INRIA Sophia Antipolis) via Zoom (please, see details below) on Friday, March 3rd, starting from 2pm (Milan time).Title: On Classical Counting Propositional LogicAbstract: Interactions between logic and theoretical computer science are several and deep, and the […]

Seminar with Aybüke Özgün on Feb 17th

We are happy to announce the second talk of the LUCI group seminar given by Aybüke Özgün (ILLC, University of Amsterdam) on Friday, February 17th, starting from 2pm (Milan time). Title: Uncertainty about Evidence (joint work with Adam Bjorndahl) Abstract: We develop a logical framework for reasoning about knowledge and evidence in which the agent may be uncertain about how […]

Seminar Series 2023

Hi everybody! Our seminar series starts on Friday Febr. 3, at 2 pm. Our first speaker is Annemarie Borg. Here it is the title and the abstract of her talk: Title: Explaining Argumentation-Based Conclusions at the Netherlands Police Abstract: As AI systems are increasingly applied in real-life situations, it is essential that such systems can […]