Seminar with Prof. Franco Raimondi 

Dear all, the LUCI lab is happy to announce that Prof. Franco Raimondi (Middlesex University London) will give a talk on Tuesday 11th July in “Martinetti” room (Dep. of Philosophy, Via Festa del Perdono 7, Cortile Ghiacciaia), starting from 11am.

Title: Logic as a tool to build reliable complex and critical systems

Abstract: An increasingly large number of tasks are delegated to computer systems that are very complex in nature: they are deployed to used by millions of users, they involve software and hardware components, and their failure may result economical losses and even danger to humans. These systems are typically built by humans and are therefore subject to human errors, encompassing software bugs, violation of contracts, and also design mistakes. In this talk I will present some logic-based approaches that help in the construction of more robust systems, presenting my work in the area of logic-based methods that have been applied to industrial applications, giving both an high-level overview and diving deep in some specific examples.

All scholars interested are welcome to partecipate.

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