Marija Slavkovik’s Seminar

Our Lunch Seminar series re-starts tomorrow! We will host Marija Slavkovik (University of Bergen) who will give a talk on Machine Ethics: Introduction to the Area and Research Challenges. See below for more information and the abstract:

Speaker: Marija Slavkovik (University of Bergen), website:

Title: Machine Ethics: Introduction to the Area and Research Challenges

Abstract: The talk introduces the research area of machine ethics which tries to answer the question how to automatise moral reasoning. While trolley problems is the first thought when talking about machine ethics, subtle more every day decisions made by computational agents are the real challenge of machine ethics. Machine ethics has been established in 2006 and it is dominated by symbolic based approaches. We start by introducing AI ethics as a field in general and the place of machine ethics in it. We then consider some existing machine ethics challenges and open questions.

Zoom link: Please email for the link

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