Logic for the AI Spring Summer School

CALL FOR PARTICIPATIONLogic for the AI Spring Summer SchoolLake Como School of Advanced Studies,September 12-16, 2022https://lais.lakecomoschool.org/ DESCRIPTIONLogic for the AI Spring aims at bringing together logicians and other scientists working around and within the currently blossoming new AI Spring. In addition to a glorious past which must not be forgotten, logic has a fundamental role […]

Talk by Ole Hjortland on May 23rd

The talk by Ole Hjortland ( University of Bergen) for our Lunch Seminar series, originally planned for May 2nd, will take place on Monday, May 23rd at 13:00! Title: Logical pluralism and abductivism in logic Abstract: Logical knowledge has often been considered exceptional, either because it is a priori, foundational, or simply self-evident. Against this, […]

Talk by Felix Weitkämper

Our Lunch Seminar series continues on Monday, May 16th! Our speaker will be Felix Weitkämper( LMU Munich) who will give a talk on Statistical relational artificial intelligence and first-order logics of probability Abstract: After a general introduction to both components of the title, we will see how the lens of first-order logics of probability can […]