Logic for the AI Spring Summer School

CALL FOR PARTICIPATIONLogic for the AI Spring Summer SchoolLake Como School of Advanced Studies,September 12-16, 2022https://lais.lakecomoschool.org/ DESCRIPTIONLogic for the AI Spring aims at bringing together logicians and other scientists working around and within the currently blossoming new AI Spring. In addition to a glorious past which must not be forgotten, logic has a fundamental role […]

A logic for biassed information diffusion by paranoid agents in social networks

Abstract: Information transmission in social networks is riddled with issues of reliability and trustworthiness. One of the main sources of disinformation can be traced back to agents—human or artificial—whose political or cultural agenda is guided by conspiracy theories. Modelling and understanding the behaviour of such agents within social networks is therefore crucial to approach the […]

Effects of misinformation diffusion during a pandemic

The role of misinformation diffusion during a pandemic is crucial. An aspect that requires particular attention in the analysis of misinfodemics is the rationale of the source of false information, in particular how the behavior of agents spreading misinformation through traditional communication outlets and social networks can influence the diffusion of the disease. We studied […]

A Logic of Negative Trust

We present a logic to model the behaviour of an agent trusting or not trusting messages sent by another agent. The logic formalizes trust as a consistency checking function with respect to currently available information. Negative trust is modeled in two forms: distrust as the rejection of incoming inconsistent information; mistrust, as revision of previously […]

Online Seminar Series started. Pere Pardo (UNIMI): Towards a Tractable Epistemic Logic

The Logic Group successfully started its Seminar Series online on Teams last week. On 19/03 Pere Pardo gave a talk on “Towards a Tractable Epistemic Logic”. We will reschedule guest lectures and add group’s members lectures. The talks will be open to attend with a shared link. Monitor this website or contact us for updates.

New Paper

A new paper by Giuseppe Primiero and Davide Ceolin (CWI Amsterdam) titled “A Granular Approach to Source Trustworthiness for Negative Trust Assessment” has been published in the Proceedings of the XIII Trust Management Conference. Details here.