Talk by Ole Hjortland on May 23rd

The talk by Ole Hjortland ( University of Bergen) for our Lunch Seminar series, originally planned for May 2nd, will take place on Monday, May 23rd at 13:00!

Title: Logical pluralism and abductivism in logic


Logical knowledge has often been considered exceptional, either because it is a priori, foundational, or simply self-evident. Against this, some anti-exceptionalists argue that knowledge of basic logical laws is not acquired via direct access, but through methods of theory choice (e.g., logical abductivism). Here I investigate what such an epistemology of logic will mean for the debate between the logical monist and the logical pluralist. If theory-choice in logic is indeed broadly abductive, does that leave room for the pluralist thesis that there is more than one correct logic? I argue that abductivism might support a form of local pluralism, but that global pluralism is problematic.

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