Talk by Alessandra Marra

Hi everybody! Our seminar series starts on Monday February 19th at 12:30 CET. Our first speaker is Alessandra Marra. Here it is the title and the abstract of her talk:

Title: Logical Norms as Defeasible Obligations

Abstract: This talk develops a novel approach to the question of the normativity of logic, which we reinterpret as a clash between two intuitions: the direct normativity intuition and the unfeasibility intuition. The standard response has been to dismiss the direct normativity intuition, bridging logic and reasoning via principles that relativize the normative import of logic to pragmatic and feasibility considerations. We argue that the standard response is misguided. Building upon theories of bounded rationality, our approach conceptualizes reasoning as constrained by multiple, independent normative factors, logical and non-logical ones. These different factors can conflict with one another, to the effect that logically sound inferences might not coincide with what is feasible for an agent to infer. From this perspective, we will argue that logic gives us only prima facie, i.e., contributive and defeasible, obligations on what to believe, but that such obligations do not always coincide with what an agent ought to believe  all things considered. These distinctions will dissolve the alleged clash between the direct normativity and the unfeasibility intuition.

This is joint work with Matteo De Benedetto (Ruhr U. Bochum).

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