Seminar Announcement (W. Holliday)

Starting from this week, our Logic Lunch Seminar Series changes its usual starting time, and turns into a Logic Aperitivo! The next talk will be given by Wesley Holliday (University of California, Berkeley) on May 20th, starting at 18:00. Save the date and join us on Zoom!

Title: Logics of Imprecise, Comparative, and Regular Probability

Abstract: In this talk, based on joint work with Yifeng Ding and Thomas Icard (at, I will discuss a logical perspective on connections between two alternatives to the standard probability calculus for representing and reasoning about uncertainty: imprecise probability and comparative probability. The goal is to identify complete logics for reasoning about uncertainty in a comparative probabilistic language whose semantics is given in terms of imprecise probability. Comparative probability operators are interpreted as quantifying over a set of probability measures. Modal and dynamic operators are added for reasoning about epistemic possibility and updating sets of probability measures. I will also discuss our work in progress on the relation between imprecise probability and the principle of regularity, according to which an agent should assign non-zero probability to any possibly true proposition.

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