Richard Booth’s Seminar

Tomorrow we will have our last LUCI Lunch Seminar before the break! Starting from 1 PM CET, Richard Booth from the University of Cardiff will give a talk on Conditional Inference under Disjunctive Rationality. Please find the link and more information below:

Title: Conditional Inference under Disjunctive Rationality

Abstract: The question of conditional inference, i.e., of which conditional sentences of the form “if α then, normally, β” should follow from a set KB of such sentences, has been one of the classic questions of AI, with several well-known solutions
proposed. Perhaps the most notable is the rational closure construction of Lehmann and Magidor, under which the set of inferred conditionals forms a rational consequence relation, i.e., satisfies all the rules of preferential reasoning, plus Rational Monotonicity. However, this last named rule is not universally accepted, and other researchers have advocated working within the larger class of disjunctive consequence relations, which satisfy the weaker requirement of Disjunctive Rationality. While there are convincing arguments that the rational closure forms the “simplest” rational consequence relation extending a given set of conditionals, the question of what is the simplest disjunctive consequence relation has not been explored. In this talk, we propose a solution to this question and explore some of its properties. (This is joint work with Ivan Varzinczak.)

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