LUCI Lunch Seminars are back!

We are delighted to announce that our series of Lunch Seminars is back! Check out the list of our invited speakers below and do not forget to follow us on social media (Twitter and Instagram) to stay up to date with our news.

Our invited speakers are:

Marija Slavkovik, University of Bergen (13 October 2021)
Riccardo Guidotti, University of Pisa (27 October 2021)
Giuseppe Sanfilippo, University of Palermo (10 November 2021)
Francesca Zaffora Blando, Carnegie Mellon University (24 Novembre 2021)
Alessandro Aldini, University of Urbino (1 December 2021)
Richard Booth, Cardiff University (15 December 2021)

All talks will take place at 1 PM CET.

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